Flickr Friday


You are there – You are there, when the great spotted woodpecker are sitting in the chestnut trees, knocking ten to fifteen times for love, their wings clamp with a width between 34 to 39 cm. You are there when they leave tiny traces in the snow and I follow them, in hopes of losing you. You are there when they tuck their heads under their wings and fall sleep unkissed. But you are not there, when I myself feel like one of these woodpecker, small and unkissed, only not so spotted.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © 3cm

Image © Dimitris Vasiliou

Image © zrdyzrdy

Image © Bárbara Lanzat

Image © Berta Pfirsich

Image © Dean Raphael

Image © Daniel Carrillo

Image © Parisa

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