Flickr Friday


When the world turns upside down, take a close look, hide, change perspective, stay calm, jump and overcome your weaker self. Flickr Friday number twelve is stuffed with emotions, showing the diversity of life in its state of chaos and silence. Sometimes it is worth to let loose, jump and try new things. In this sense we wish a nice weekend and lots of fun!

Image © Sasha Kurmaz

Image © Viju Rao

Image © Parker Fitzgerald

Image © Wikinga

Image © Teresa Queiros

Image © Christian Storm

Image © Juliette Mainx

Image © Lindsey Tran

Sasha KurmazOhne TitelflickrfreitagwikingaTeresa Qchristian stormBild 5Juliette Mainx : THEMAINX.BLOGSPOT.COMVon LlNDSEY TRAN
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