Airy Silhouettes By Photographer Sophie Elbaz


For the series ‘A Fleur De Peau‘, French photographer Sophie Elbaz creates airy images with a dream-like touch. Elbaz plays with light and shadow in a delicate way to explore themes such as the limits of being and the complexity of states. In a statement about the series, Elbaz says: “With each image-apparition we are observing the creation of a diffuse, limitless, timeless, intangible space, on the threshold of the present. The body, living bridge, is discovering itself in another way, in the form of silhouette, suggestion, speaking to us in a different way. Woman becomes a mediator of the unknown, both intuitive and luminous like the life she gives. In her momentum, she affirms her will for a new light that sees this birth.”

All images © Sophie Elbaz

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