The Tip of an Iceberg – The Szczecin Philharmonic Hall


Architectural office Barozzi/Veiga created this philharmonic hall in Szczecin, Poland, accommodating a concert hall and a chamber music hall. The massive structure seems like an iceberg floating through the streets. It responds to traditional local architecture with vertical proportions and steep pitches as well as the nearby industrial influence with its shear scale. The facade is made of a translucent glass creating an obvious contrast to the immediate surroundings to create a reference point in the area and a symbol of the city’s transitional nature.

All images © Simon Menges, Hufton + Crow | Via: designboom

Szczecin Philharmonic Hall_01Szczecin Philharmonic Hall_02Szczecin Philharmonic Hall_03Szczecin Philharmonic Hall_04Szczecin Philharmonic Hall_05Szczecin Philharmonic Hall_06Szczecin Philharmonic Hall_07Szczecin Philharmonic Hall_08Szczecin Philharmonic Hall_09
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