Marc Koehler Embeds Dune House Into The Seaside Landscape


Marc Koehler created ‘Dune House’, half-sunk into the sandy hills of the northern coast of the island of Terschelling. The ‘wooden diamond’ is experienced very differently from each of its sides, it’s fully integrated in the landscape and yet also makes a strong but subtle connection between its interior and its immediate surroundings.

The loft-like house recreates the experience of having a walk on the dunes in its interior as a spiraling “promenade architecturale” around its core as one continuous path from platform to platform, each just a few steps higher than the next, that generates very interesting spatial and visual relations in between each of the rooms but also towards the landscape, as each opening in the house has been shaped, sized and positioned in a specific way, always related to the functions associated to each space.

All images © Filip Dujardin

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