Located on a corner in the inner-city suburb of Redfern, Sydney, Raffaello Rossellis Tinshed is a reminder of the areas industrial past. The old tin shed, an iconic Australian structure, served the architect as a model.

Deconstructing the old shed, building a new frame and reusing the old corrugated iron as veneer, Raffaello Rosselli created a new house reminding bypassers of old times. ‘The materials have been left raw and honest in the spirit of its industrial economy’. Now big windows flood the rooms with light. Bright plywood floors give the whole interior a simple and yet welcoming appeal and the space is being used as an officespace and studio. Due to he materials and structures used in this project ‘it embraces that it will continue to change with time through rust, decay and repair’.

All images © Mark Syke, Richard Carr

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