MA of Wind by Ryuichi Ashizawa Architect & Associates


Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects created this home in Okinawa, Japan. The area is known for its strong solar radiation and its typhoons. While the large eave provides shadow, a green screen covered with plants set from the ground up to the roof provides additional shadow and privacy for the inhabitants. During the colder months, sunlight can still enter the space through the leaves.

The first floor is raised about 3 feet from the ground for natural ventilation. A natural wind passes through the space beneath the floor between the first and the ground level. The hot summer breezes are chilled by a garden pond.

All images © Kaori Ichikawa

MA of wind 2011_House_01MA of wind 2011_House_02MA of wind 2011_House_03MA of wind 2011_House_04MA of wind 2011_House_05MA of wind 2011_House_06MA of wind 2011_House_07MA of wind 2011_House_08
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