YOD design lab Creates Timber Guest Houses Amid Ukrainian Forest


YOD design lab created these guest rooms as part of the spa-complex Relax Park Verholy, located in a pine forest in the Poltava region.

The houses are built from a lightweight metal frame structure. Instead of the usual solid base the house stands on the so-called screw base. This technology allows to assemble the structure quickly in any landscape without harming its surroundings. The interior is rather minimalistic, using natural materials and color tones. One of the walls is completely glazed, allowing the guests to enjoy the surrounding nature at any time of the day.

All images © Andrey Avdeenko | Via: designboom

Guest_Houses_01Guest_Houses_02Guest_Houses_03Guest_Houses_04Guest_Houses_05Guest_Houses_06Guest_Houses_071 Содержание _ Макет
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