ARCH+ Editor in chief Anh-Linh Ngo


We meet ARCH+ editor in chief Anh-Linh Ngo at the ARCH+ Studio at KW Berlin. The ARCH+ team uses the space to think, work, produce, present and interact.

Besides participating in exciting events, you can also visit the studio to take a closer look at the interior. Vitsœ planner Mirko Meznaric worked with ARCH+ Editor Anh-Linh Ngo to use Vitsœ’s adaptable furniture to make best use of the space.
The Vietnam-born Anh-Linh Ngo is working at the studio every now and then, usually he can be found at the editorial office in Zehlendorf or out travelling for the magazine. Currently he’s on research trip in his native country for the next issue which will examine the young Vietnamese architectural scene. It’s his first trip to Vietnam since he has left the country at the age of six together with his family.
He studied architecture in Aachen, it was in his last semester that he fulfilled an internship at ARCH+ where he came across the theoretical approach towards architecture that he was interested in. Since three years he also holds a lectureship at TU Berlin.

He arranges his ‘Lieblingsstücke’ on a 621 Side Table for us. Amongst them we find his favourite picture by artist and colleague Mike Meiré, who’s an art director for ARCH+. He transformed an ordinary newspaper into an abstract object using paint and a folding technique. We also find a selection of his favourite books next to his smartphone and a microphone that he uses for his interviews. The upside down glass, that he bought in a pop-up shop caught his interest as he likes the idea of an ordinary object turned into an attractive piece of design.

Opposing the current trend to downsize print media and replace text with pictures, the ARCH+ issues grew even bigger over the years, providing the reader with elaborated texts, infos and scientific research around the topic of architecture. They chose a rather scientific approach, working a whole year on one issue to build bridges between theoretical contemplation and praxis.
To get in touch with their readers and be able to work on contemporary topics, they invented the ARCH+ Features series, taking place for the 37th time. During the last event, they were working around the question, if design was able to change our society. This and many other aspects will influence ARCH+’s long term investigation; a critical inventory of the ‘Bauhaus’ concepts.

If you’d like to visit the space and have a look at the Vitsœ shelves, lounge chairs and tables yourself, you can do so together with planner Mirko Meznaric between 9. April – 11. April, 11 am – 6 pm at the Arch+ Studio at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin. You can also arrange an appointment via Email and subscribe to Vitsœ’s newsletter for more from the company that have made Dieter Rams’s furniture for more than 50 years.

Photography by Ana Santl, text and interview by Caroline Kurze

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