Seasonless House by Casos de Casas


Irene Castrillo and Mauro Gil-Fournier of Casos de Casas created the ‘Seasonless House’, a minimalist building in Castelló, Spain. The plastic-clad house adapts to the Spanish seasons. It mainly consists of concrete slabs and a double layer of cellular, strong insulating polycarbonate panelling.

Each side of the house is clad in a specific variation of panelling and sheets of glass, depending on its orientation towards the sun, to help retain or lose heat. The panelling, supported by a white metal framework, gives the house a soft white colouring. The Seasonless House has its own environment, domestic, adaptable and resilient to all seasons of the year – it’s a house without exterior, as everything external can take place inside.

All images © José Hévia | Via: This Is Paper

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