Top 10 Textile Artworks


We’d like to present some of our favourite artworks making use of textiles in one or the other way. As always you’re invited to share your personal favourites in the comment section below. You can also take a look at our other other Top 10 Features. Enjoy.

Woolen food from Jessica Dance and David Sykes

The playful project ‘Comfort Food’ is a collaboration between Jessica Dance and David Sykes. Jessica used a knitting machine to produce everything from a burger and fries to a full English breakfast out of wool. The project is meant to encapsulate the feeling of British cafes and fast food restaurants with a woolly twist.


Multiple Stiches by Cayce Zavaglia

Cayce Zavaglia’s medium is embroidery. With millions of tiny little stitches, she creates her photorealistic artwork. Zavaglia has developed a technique which can been described as ‘Modern Pointillism’ that allows her to blend colors and establish tonalities that truly resemble the techniques used in classical oil painting.


Hand Sewn portraits by David Catá

The Spanish artist David Catá uses his body as a canvas, writing an autobiographical diary. In his ongoing series ‘A Flor De Piel’, he embroiders portraits of people who have influenced or marked his life – family, friends, teachers, lovers, partners – sewn into the palm of his hand.


Kinky Tapestry by Erin M. Riley

Using traditional tapestry techniques, Erin M.Riley weaves images of women in states of undress or exposure, personal objects or landscapes that are related to destruction and death. With her work, she is examining the honesty of sexuality but also how courtships, pornography and sex is changing as a result of the mass depiction of these intimate moments online.


Textile art by Mr. Finch

Self-taught artist Mr. Finch goes hunting for vintage textiles – velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare wedding dress or a vintage apron – and transforms them into all sorts of beasts and toadstools. Inspired by the rolling hills and mossy woods near his home in Yorkshire, Finch creates animals and other objects that seem to stem from Alice’s Wonderland.


Embroidered Portraits by Melissa Zexter

Melissa Zexter combines hand-stitched embroidery with photography. Using photographs she has taken herself, she sews onto them, irreversibly altering the image by adding a new layer.


My Knitted Boyfriend

Designer Noortje de Keijzer decided to just knit her own boyfriend according to her ideas. The guy is always happy, very flexible, he’ll never disagree with you and he’ll also never leave you. A cushion to kiss.


Plexus No.19

Gabriel Dawe’s site specific colorful installations seem like fragmented rays of light frozen in space. The body of work was exhibited in the atrium of Villa Olmo in Como, Italy, in the context of Miniartextil an annual exhibition of contemporary art linked, in one way or another, to textiles.


Shirt Installation by Kaarina Kaikkonen

Finnish environmental artist Kaarina Kaikkonen is using hundreds and hundreds of second-hand shirts to create giant shirt installations, which look as if someone hung his huge amount of clothes out to dry.


Ana Teresa Barboza

By the use of embroidery and knitting in her work Ana Teresa Barboza yearns to create a parallel between the process of manual crafts and creating and natures process. She contrasts the two, by creating structure with yarn which resemble the threads of a plant and similar structures.


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