Impermanence by Seung-Hwan Oh


For his series ‘Impermanence’, photographer and microbiologist Seung-Hwan Oh cultivates fungus that he applies to his film before he puts it into his camera. Through this process, the microorganisms slowly devour the film and the resulting image is a blur of abstract lines and colors.

In a world saturated with idealized images that are easily produced and dispersed, Seung-Hwan Oh brutalizes and mistreats his images in order to make them sick, revealing not just the physicality of the photograph itself but the life of the artwork. He states: “I use this technique to share an idea that all the matter including all the life forms collapse in this spatial-temporal dimension we belong to.” View also the work of Matthew Brandt.

All images © Seung-Hwan Oh | Via: Trendhunter

Impermanence_Seung-Hwan Oh_01Impermanence_Seung-Hwan Oh_02Impermanence_Seung-Hwan Oh_03Impermanence_Seung-Hwan Oh_04Impermanence_Seung-Hwan Oh_05Impermanence_Seung-Hwan Oh_06Impermanence_Seung-Hwan Oh_07
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