Scattered Cube Housing by K2YT


K2YT Architects included a private garden to House K in order to bring light and air into the building while minimizing incoming noise and shielding off views. Thus a house that is open yet closed to the city is created.

The house is for two households. In order to provide the required numbers of rooms which were comparatively larger, four stories, with each floor equally divided into six were created. Within it, rooms, as well as small courtyards are placed, while adjusting the height of floors in accordance with the required character of each room.

All images © Satoshi Asakawa

House K_K2YT_01House K_K2YT_02House K_K2YT_03House K_K2YT_04House K_K2YT_05House K_K2YT_06House K_K2YT_07House K_K2YT_08House K_K2YT_09House K_K2YT_10House K_K2YT_11House K_K2YT_12House K_K2YT_13House K_K2YT_14House K_K2YT_15House K_K2YT_16
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