320 Icelanders by Varvara Lozenko


When fine art photographer Varvara Lozenko first came to Iceland in summer 2007 she was amazed by the contrast between the vast uninhabited and immaculate space, looking exactly like it did many years ago and the tiny population numbering just some 320 thousand people. There she decided to photograph 320 people by the number of thousands of the country’s population. Every portrait stands for 1000 people. Therefor she needed to travel all around the country and take portrait pictures of Icelanders of different age, social status, doing different jobs, from farming to fishing, carpentry, cargo driving, preaching and bread-baking.

“So far I can say for sure that every person from the ‘320 Icelanders’ project has been a unique experience, a story – a shorter or a longer one – in my life, for which I feel very thankful.”

All images © Varvara Lozenko | Via: Grapevine

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