Photorealistic Paintings of Women by Yigal Ozeri


We had to look twice to really believe that these images by Yigal Ozeri are not photographed but painted. The New York City based Israeli artist creates mesmerizing large-scale cinematic portraits of young women in vast transcending landscapes. While the level of photo detail that he manages to achieve is truly staggering, he takes us with him into a world that blends reality and fantasy with a thousand tiny brushstrokes.

All images © Yigal Ozeri | Via: Illusion

yigal_ozeri_art_01yigal_ozeri_art_02yigal_ozeri_art_03yigal_ozeri_art_05yigal_ozeri_art_06Untitled; Lizzie in the snowyigal_ozeri_art_08yigal_ozeri_art_09yigal_ozeri_art_10yigal_ozeri_art_11yigal_ozeri_art_12
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