Lucy McRae Explores The Body Beyond The Earth’s Edge

LA-based, Australian artist Lucy McRae defines herself as a Body Architect — her creative work develops possible futures by blurring the line between technology and art. In her short film The Institute of Isolation, she takes us to a space lab intent on exploring the body beyond the Earth’s edge.

In this piece, McRae tests human experience through a microgravity trainer that conditions the body for a future in space, she explores the psychoacoustics of silence in an anechoic chamber and spends time in sensory deprivation chambers to see new ways in which her body and mind might adapt. “If the body can be resolved in an environment of isolation, would we be more resilient, faster to adapt and more buoyant when faced with the obstacles of life beyond Earth’s edge?” she ponders. We are rapidly moving towards a time when holidaying on the moon will not seem implausible, and as the population continues to skyrocket — perhaps intergalactic relocation will be the solution to our crowded urban spaces. McRae’s work takes us to this time, a new stage of evolution, one in which it is possible to manufacture human resilience.


All images © Lucy McRae