Marcos Zotes


Originally hailing from Madrid, architect Marcos Zotes relocated to Iceland’s capital some fifteen years ago. Balancing his love of undiluted Nordic nature with a sunny Mediterranean disposition, Marcos is perfectly placed to share some insightful perspectives on Reykjavik’s urban development.

mb! Magazine met Marcos in his light filled house located in a quiet residential area away from the city centre to find out more about Iceland’s innovative streak – and to visit some of his favourite architectural highlights.

After studying architecture in London and New York, Marcos taught at Reykjavik’s Iceland Academy of the Arts before founding the multi-disciplinary design and research lab Unstable in 2012, a place designed to serve as an open playing field within the structures of more traditional architectural approaches.

So, what makes working on an island like Iceland so special when compared with his hometown of Madrid? Marcos emphasises Reykjavik’s thriving creative network and a general will and drive to realise ideas. “Although you are physically isolated and work with very limited resources, these are actually key factors and possibly what make the approach of many local artists and designers so special – the challenge of how to best utilise the available means.”
And then there are Iceland’s unique geographic conditions. “The extreme weather, the stunning nature, the roughness – you have so little, yet so much,” Marcos adds.

To get to know Marcos’ favourite spots in town, keep on reading here.

Photography by Marlen Mueller | Words by Sylvie Weber

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