The Unfinished House by Yamazaki Kentaro


The ‘Unfinished House’ by Yamazaki Kentaro has barely any partitions and is more of a free, open space. The aim of the architects was to create an open container that ‘changes as you design and live in it’, a flexible residence for a growing family. It features several multi-purpose spaces to accommodate the occupants’ ‘future possibilities’.

The house’s layout is shaped by four two-storey boxes, surrounding a generous double-height atrium that functions as the family’s living and dining room. While the lower levels of the boxes accommodate typical rooms, the upper levels can be used for different activities. The kitchen is located inside one of the boxes and forms the house’s entrance. The bathroom is tucked away on one side and is surrounded by glass, affording little privacy.

All images © Naoomi Kurozumi | Via: Archdaily

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