Top 10 Concrete Items


We have to admit that we’re in love with concrete. It is used more than any other man-made material in the world and we understand why. It is easy to work with, haptically enjoyable and it looks just beautiful. It makes a great contrast to rather soft or colorful materials and it’s unique, versatile and robust. Thus we decided to assemble out Top 10 Concrete Items for you. Enjoy.

Serax Lamp

This concrete lamp by Serax is a beautiful, factory-inspired accessory for your home. It’s 27cm high and 18cm wide. For more information, click here.


Block Pen Holder

DeutscheCraft are fascinated by the use of concrete in design. This block pen holder is part of their block series. It has 16 holes for arranging pens, pencils and brushes. It was designed by Jochen Korn.



The minimalistic flowerpot by HAY is suitable for any plant and gives a nice contrast to the green you’d like to add. For more info, click here.


Concrete Stool

This stool is made from recycled wood and concrete. You can buy it here or make it yourself, like Klemens Schillinger.


Concrete Vase

This small and cute vase is ideal for little flowers or branches. It can also be used as a candleholder. You can view more concrete items of the designer, Frau Klarer here.


Light Base

This cord lightning from Nud is simple, yet a great alternative to the usual plastic bulbholder. It is available for £57.00 here.


Desk Set

This concrete desk set by Magnus Pettersen for Areaware is industrial, yet refined. It is made of concrete with a wooden insert. The set includes a tape dispenser, pencil holder and small tray.


Geometric Vase

This handmade geometric vase is refined with copper. It holds a glass test tube so you can put a few favorite flowers inside.


Tea Warmer

This tea warmer is inspired by a crossroad, while the warm light floods through the cold concrete. It is available here.


USB Stick

This USB stick is actually just pretending to be made from concrete but it’s still a nice little giveaway for all concrete lovers out there.


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