‘Sans Nom’ by Jean de Pomereu


The frozen continent is the focus of Jean de Pomereu’s work. The series ‘Sans Nom’ (Nameless) was taken in the Pridz Bay Region of East Antarctica between 1 am and 4 am, when the air was completely still, and a thin mist descended upon a group of icebergs locked into the winter sea ice. The white landscape blends with its foggy surroundings so that you can almost not tell where the iceberg starts and the sky ends.

Jean de Pomereu states: “Traveling through this ice-scape felt like entering a lost city, resembling Atlantis, where the icebergs replaced monumental ruins. They evoked a sense of eternity – as if time had stopped. The icebergs also spoke of cycles and the transience of all things. To me, the ice crack represents and embodies the first fissure in this world of stillness and silence: The first dramatic sign of the coming spring breakup of the sea ice.”

All images © Jean de Pomereu | Via: But does it float

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