Brunchcity By Andrea G.Portolés And Bea Crespo


We’ve already told you that we love brunch and people in other countries feel the same way though what they’re eating is often very different from our mid-day snack.

Photographer Andrea G.Portolés and illustrator Bea Crespo examine what people eat for brunch around the globe with their project ‘Brunch City’. The duo uses everything from bread crust to yogurt cups to display architectural landscapes and scenes relevant to the city’s character and quality. In Spain you would eat a slice of catalan tomato bread which they topped with Gaudi’s famed cathedral cut from paper, in Rome you’d eat a towering stack of gelato while and in Beijing you’d maybe have a bowl of rice. Each two weeks they release a new one of the collection on their brunchcity blog. Can you guess the cities?

All images © Andrea G.Portolés | Via: designboom

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