Chameleon Cabin is entirely made of paper

Mattias Lind, architect and partner at Scandinavian White arkitekter, has designed a house made entirely of paper – Chameleon Cabin – that changes appearance like a chameleon depending on which angle you view it from. It shimmers like marble in black and white.

Mattias Lind aimed to show that architecture is always perceived in motion. The design concept is based on a corrugated outer surface, so that the house change color as you move around it and at the same time increases the stability. For the interior a bright yellow was chosen in order create a warm feel while contrasting against the more discrete black and white of the façade.
The roof and facade is suspended with hangers, in a solution similar to Lego, which makes the house easy to assemble and adjust. The design is flexible and possible to extend several hundred meters if needed.

Chameleon Cabin01 Chameleon Cabin02 Chameleon Cabin03 Chameleon Cabin04 Chameleon Cabin05 Chameleon Cabin06

All images © Rasmus Norlander