An Experimental Residential Complex By Elisa Valero

Fernando Alda

Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Granada, Spain, the complex of eight apartments is an experimental project designed for a neighbors’ cooperative. Designed by architect Elisa Valero, each apartment is different, tailored to the needs of the cooperative’s members. For the construction, Valero used an innovative system of the structural element of a double wall that has been recently patented by a professor engineer of the University of Granada. The walls, floors and ceiling are all finished in exposed concrete. Thanks to the great continuous insulation and adequate orientations, the costs of energy has been reduced to almost zero. The exterior of the building was adjusted to the requirements and regulations of Granada’s historic center. The project confronts them through a continuous white wall with no other adornment than the windows, all the same, following the typology of the neighborhood and integrating with it.

All images © Fernando Alda

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