House In Melgaço By Nuno Brandão Costa

Located in the unpopulated outskirts of Melgaço in northern Portugal, the building combines minimalist modernity with the firm permanence of old stone buildings. Portuguese architect Nuno Brandao Costa built the home into the decaying facade of a rural stone farmhouse, which complements perfectly the rough terrain.

For the new construction, the original stone was used for a big part of the exterior, whereby the lower levels still let natural light through the opening of a courtyard to the east. The interior displays a dining and cooking area on two floors, connected by a staircase against the north facade. On the east side of the house, a concrete canopy for car parking and protection, and a glazed body for a small kitchen garden is implemented. The west contains a swimming pool, enclosed by a dressed stone wall to accommodate the tank, emphasizing the relationship between the house and the landscape.


All images © André Cepeda