The Black Desert House by Marc Atlan + Oller & Pejic


Designed by renowned creative director Marc Atlan together with the architectural studio Oller & Pejic, ‘The Black Desert House’ offers an expansive view over the Joshua Tree national park in California. The low-profile dwelling forms a distinctive desert retreat, providing constantly changing panoramas of color, light and shade.

Centered around an external courtyard, the kitchen and dining areas become the focal point of the interior, before a deeply tiered stairway leads to a sunken living room where soaring panes of large windows open the view to the impressive terrain. Black walls, midnight quartz, high-gloss anthracite, and darkened steel are used to contrast the harsh desert sun and draw attention to the constantly changing color, light and shade.

All images © Marc Angeles | Via: designboom

Black-Desert-House01bBlack Desert House02Black Desert House03Black Desert House04Black Desert House05Black Desert House06Black Desert House07Black Desert House08Black Desert House10Black Desert House11Black Desert House12Black Desert House14Black Desert House15Black Desert House17
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