Aude by Jeremy Ayer


Photographer Jeremy Ayer and graphic designer Julien Mercier have been collaborating on the serie ‘Aude’, a photographic project which tails the story of a young woman wandering in a mansion. With here pale skin, her slender body, she represents a certain ideology of beauty.

But paradoxically, the raw image remains in a direct visual language, not constrained by any commercial obligations. There is no digital manipulation which would withdraw all of her natural eroticism. In the same process, the statues with their perfectly carved silhouettes, oppose with her curves left intact. The brutal and frontal lighting, exposes here entire body. But always fleeting, she remains inaccessible to the viewer, out of reach, in height.

All images © Jeremy Ayer and Julien Mercier

Jeremy Ayer_Julien Mercier_Aude_02Jeremy Ayer_Julien Mercier_Aude_01Jeremy Ayer_Julien Mercier_Aude_03Jeremy Ayer_Julien Mercier_Aude_04Jeremy Ayer_Julien Mercier_Aude-05Jeremy Ayer_Julien Mercier_Aude_06Jeremy Ayer_Julien Mercier_Aude_07Jeremy Ayer_Julien Mercier_Aude_08
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