Seung Yul Oh’s Resin Soup Sculptures


Auckland-based artist Seung Yul Oh created the series ‘Myun’ when he first started working in Seoul. The traditional Korean noodle soup sculptures are made out of epoxy resin, silicone, steel and aluminum. Seung Yul Oh exaggerates its presentation

, extending the noodles from the bowl – which also features sculpted eggs, vegetables and broth – 12 feet into space, completed with a pair of floating chopsticks. The artist says: ‘Such an ordinary dish that I enjoy became static then endlessly slurping. Beyond its appearance as a bowl of noodle and a reminder of its taste, I am experimenting with transformative aspect of materials and its physicality.’

All images © Seung Yul Oh | Via: Hypebeast

Oh Seung Yu_01Oh Seung Yu_02Oh Seung Yu_03Oh Seung Yu_04Oh Seung Yu_05Oh Seung Yu_06Oh Seung Yu_07Oh Seung Yu_08Oh Seung Yu_09Oh Seung Yu_10
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