The Alchemy of Blue


Artist Lizzie Buckmaster Dove is living in Coledale, a small seaside village in New South Wales, Australia, a place known for its surfing and slow pace of life. Lizzie collected stones during her daily walks on the beach for about four years before she started to arrange them to an artwork.

One of the objects she collected most frequently were smooth stones painted light blue on a single side which she would eventually discover were fragments of an oceanside sea pool that was being slowly consumed by the surf. Dove set to work on a series of installations using the swimming pool concrete. The works are meant as sort of an homage to lunar cycles and the moon’s power to create the tides that reclaimed the Coledale pool. Click here to see Lizzie talk about her project in a short video by Theme Media.

All images © Lizzie Buckmaster Dove | Via: Colossal

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