Red Sand by Maria Coma Giner


Maria Coma Giner was born in Barcelona 22 years ago. From an early ageI she chose to express herself by taking photographs, so she studied Fine Arts and photography. Her latest project ‘Red Sand’ expresses different aspects of her life.

‘Photography has turned to be my only way of expression, because it allows me to narrate immediately and quickly my day-by-day surrounding. I try to express the basic concepts of the small details of the routine life, with ephemeral photographs, and the cruxes and the worries that they hide’, she explains. Many of her projects are a set of images and sequences, ‘because an alone image does not seem to me be sufficient to explain a history. In my photographic series I’m looking for sensations, colors, remains…’

All images © Maria Coma Giner | Via: blckdmnds

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