Emptyland by Jaume Montserrat


Jaume Montserrat is a Barcelona based illustrator. His greatest passions are nature, society and traveling. He draws trying to bend those three worlds. Jaume found inspiration for his project ‘Emptyland’ while on a flight back home from South America to Spain.

Montserrat fell asleep and imagined waking up on an island where he lives for 29 days with other animals. He explains: ‘On this island, there was only one animal from each specimen (kind of like Noah’s Ark). All of them were empty, asexual and immortal. They didn’t need to hunt, nor were they scared of being hunted – so there was a perfect symbiosis.’ He and the wildlife lived free from worries, and that empty paradise is what sparked these images.

All images © Jaume Montserrat | Via: art fucks me

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