Fruit & Vegetables


For her ‘Fruit & Vegetables’ series Heidi Voet uses nude pictures appropriated from Chinese magazines, sold at local corner newsstands in China. Distributed as ‘fine art photography’, these spreads contain photos of nude women and in actuality function as erotica.

For ‘Fruit & Vegetables’ Voet cropped out the upper or lower half of the image, and filled in the missing body parts with vegetables. The resulting collage is a subtle pictorial joke, whereby the organic material will age and rot over time to reveal the lie -enduring youth, beauty and desirability- inherent in these images. Heidi Voet is a Belgian artist living and working in Brussels and Shanghai. She re-creates scenes and fragments from our daily encounters using unlikely yet common materials. Voet transforms the banal into something wondrous, and in the process unearths concerns, connections and consequences that underlie the moment. Her pieces function like a prism, they show us the spectrum of experiences that re-awaken us to more nuanced understanding of the present.

All images © Heidi Voet