Julita Malinowska’s Bathers


Polish painter Julita Malinowska brings us in the right mood for the warm days ahead and a long weekend relaxing in the sun.
Her large-scale bodies of work are focusing on people bathing and on all beach-related activities. The abstracted representation of the ocean gives her subjects a sort of floating effect which appears even stronger by placing her bathers randomly all over the picture. While the muted blue tones have a rather calming and serene effect on the viewer.

All images © Julita Malinowska

Malinowska_Painting_09<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>Malinowska_Painting_03Malinowska_Painting_04Malinowska_Painting_05Malinowska_Painting_06Malinowska_Painting_07Malinowska_Painting_08aMalinowska_Painting_08Malinowska_Painting_01
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