De Burgemeester by Studioninedots


An angular wooden staircase ascends the lobby of this office renovation in the Dutch town of Hoofddorp by Amsterdam architects Studioninedots. They were tasked with renovating an entire 1970s office building. The architects began by removing an existing staircase and enlarging the space around it to create a void

that visually connects a communal area on the ground floor with the levels above. The staircase acts as the focal point of this large atrium and was made by cladding a steel structure in plywood sheets to create a series of bridges and access points to the various floors. ‘The staircase as a tool for communication, lends the building a collective identity,’ said the architects. ‘As a vertical lobby that offers views of all floors, it tells occupants that they are part of a larger world.’ This is also conversely the case; whatever point of view one chooses, the complex wooden staircase offers a fascinating picture.

All images © Peter Cuypers | Via: dezeen

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