Relativity by Alex Hall


Working with oil paint on panels, the artist Alex Hall combines surrealism and figuration to create beautifully rendered, contemporary works. He draws inspiration from his own life encounters and the everyday struggles with which so many people can relate.

His new series ‘Relativity’ depicts individuals floating in time and space. He chose to paint the figures with no distinct faces so they would relate to every man and every woman. This particular series is a very honest representation of where he is currently in his own life. Having recently graduated college and being thrown off his feet into the real world, he was extremely overwhelmed. ‘I began to realize that most people are familiar with this feeling of uncertainty. With that idea, I sought out to create a series that was a visual representation of an emotion that has been universally felt by all people: A sense of uncertainty, and ultimately struggling to achieve a balance in life.’

All images © Alex Hall

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