Prince Gyasi Photographs The Colors, Faces And Spirit Of Ghana


Ghanaian photographer Prince Gyasi shoots vibrant, curated images of his hometown, the energetic West African city of Accra, Ghana.

Gyasi is a self-described iPhone photographer and artistic vessel; using imagery as his medium to express what he sees and feels. The photographer’s body of work conveys arresting and colorful compositions, often featuring portraits of friends, family and muses in emotive poses against colored backdrops. Some of Gyasi’s featured images are part of his ‘BoxedKids’ series, a photographic project turned GoFundMe campaign created by Gyasi and his partner. The nonprofit project attempts to help creative, underprivileged children in Jamestown to pursue their creative talents through access to education. The term ‘boxed kids’ describes children who are trapped in an place or situation; in this instance Gyasi is referring to the difficulties experiences by life in Jamestown. His subjects portray much human emotion; sometimes through overt facial expression but other times through striking body language alone. In this way we are shown both their power and softness.

All images © Prince Gyasi

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