The idea for the project ‘Casa Carassale’ was building a house suitable for a family of five, with enough space to host friends for long term stays. The house, realized by BAK arquitectos, lies by the Costa Esmeralda, on the dunes of the coast of Buenos Aires, 390 km from the city of Buenos Aires.

Since the client wanted to be able accommodate family and friends the social area also had to be generously sized, so the bedrooms were built as cabins. The kitchen was integrated in a larger gathering place along with a fire place enabling the habitants of the house to barbecue at any time. The outdoor fireplace allows barbecuing outside and a laundry room as well as a warehouse for beach items are also located outside the house.
The first volume is an elongated prism, parallel to the street and open at both main sides producing a semi covered which integrates the grove of trees located in the front with the rest of the batch. The second, another elongated prism located three steps below to fit the contour of the lot, houses four bedrooms and resolves two clearly differentiated facades: the western, closed, corresponds to the circulation and shared bathroom, and the eastern, open, with large windows allowing the integration of the three bedrooms with the outside. The last bedroom, the main, opens to the backyard with an important semi covered space and a private terrace protected from the view of the rest of the house and overlooking a rugged landscape that will not vary over time because there are no neighbours adjoining the back of the property.

All images © Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

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