Wood and the Dog


It’s a shelter, a refuge, a place that provides interaction between the private but open courtyard and the outside public space designed by Studio Errante Architecture. A center of gravity around which the life of the clients and the inhabitants of the small hamlet takes place: the niche on the south facade is a special seat for humans an animals.

It’s a shed, where the firewood required by the client’s house heating system is stored.
It’s a working space and a service zone for the outdoor area. The reinforced concrete wall that defines part of the east elevation folds inwards to create a surface. Details are basic. Definitions are literal. Reinforced concrete is used for base and wall. Wood for almost everything else: laminated wood for structure, burned chestnut for skin and roof, untreated chestnut for frames, plywood for inserts and niche, an old trunk became a step. Despite its small dimension, the cabin includes a series of functions which determine its formal solutions. Almost nothing else.

All images © StudioErrante Architecture

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