24 Hours With Théo Gosselin


We were really excited when one of our favorite photographers, Théo Gosselin agreed to take us with him, showing us one day in his live in pictures. For ’24 Hours’ he documented a whole day with his camera.

We fell in love with Théo Gosselin’s photography when we came across the young french talent three years ago and are following his career ever since, watching his portfolio filling up with amazing pictures. He takes photos that talk about freedom, youth, the love of life and hilarity while they are charged with emotion and zest. We always wanted to follow him on his journeys, spending some time with him and his friends. So now he took us with him to a trip through Scotland where he just recently spent a few weeks with his girlfriend and two of his best friends. They went on a little roadtrip, exploring the beautiful landscape of Scotland. The four of them started their trip in France, driving across UK to the north of Scotland and towards its vast lands and mountains. This is 24 hours of their journey.

[8 pm] Skye Island, north of Scotland, we are making a fire camp to grill meat and watch the sun going down in the Atlantic Ocean. I sleep in the back of the car with my amazing girlfriend.

[9 am] I wake up in my five stars mobil hotel room, what a view! Drinking hot coffees around the fire, time for the morning wash and we’re on the road again.

[11:30 am] We made a quick stop on the road to appreciate an amazing location, my friend decide to take a midday bath in ice-cold water and dry his body with a run on the road.

[1 pm] We hit the road again to find a place to eat something. We met a funny cow on our way. We start a fire, play the guitar and eat a good lunch between trees and mountains, I take some pictures with my love and enjoy this stunning landscape.

[3 pm] On the road to find a place to sleep, we came across various amazing lakes and forests, we stopped the car a couple of times to take pictures and go explore!

[6 pm] We drove across a wood exploitation and finally find an amazing spot for the night, dead trees anywhere, frogs, a river and an incredible view over the valley. Drinking beers and playing with the hot flames of the fire, under a typical light rain. Time to sleep soon, too much beautiful images in our head for one day.

Have a good night!

All images © Théo Gosselin

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