Capital Espresso · Toronto


Damien was 15 when he started to get into the coffee business. After working at nearly every coffeeshop in Toronto he had the chance to open up a location in his own neighborhood Parkdale which grew to something like the living room of the western Toronto scene. Capital Espresso doesn’t just have good coffee

– it’s also the vibe that attracts clients of every age to hang out on 1349 Queen St. W. People come by to meet, work, read or collaborate on new projects. People know each other and this is what makes its unique charm. The space feels large and open, but the exposed brick, wood floors and big couch in the front make it feel cozy at the same time. The atmosphere almost made us feel like hanging out at some friend’s living room, people cozy up in corners with their coffees, books or laptops. If you should be around, make sure to go there, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and meet some nice people.

Capital Espresso
1349 Queen St W Toronto, ON M6K 1M1, Canada
+1 416-531-7730

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