Intimacy Under Wires


Standing underneath freshly washed clothing hung up to dry, playing tag with other children underneath the clothing lines and inhaling the smell of sun on a washed and dried piece of clothing is something from Sivan Askayo’s happy childhood memory. For the New York based photographer clothing is something very personal and yet so public.

‘From looking at someone’s laundry we can tell so much about them and their families without even meeting them.’

‘Intimacy Under Wires’ is her ongoing project depicting hung clothing in the streets of the world. ‘When I shoot these images, I am standing under the laundry wires and waiting for the right moment, when a breeze passes by and brings life, energy and rhythm to the clothes. I find laundry very intimate and sexy, and when I shoot, the act of looking up, is like the feeling of being under someone, unseen, a voyeur, a spy, like sitting under the boardwalk at the beach and watching people walk by, unaware. And this is actually what we photographers mostly do: spy with our cameras and tell stories with the images.’

All images © Sivan Askayo

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