Wooden sculptures by Mario Dilitz


The ability to give expression to the human form, to transmit and translate its language is an ability, which the sculptor Mario Dilitz definitely has. By combining sculptural knowledge and technical skills with contemporary issues he manages to to create sculptures of great intensity and appeal.

His sculptures, most of them life-sized, are made of high quality laminated wood. After a process of destruction and reconstructing the wood gains a new form of stability. Through a profound confrontation with the vagaries of human existence he juxtaposes the aesthetic beauty of his sculpture with content of current issues. Mario Dilitz on one hand manifests the contradictions of human nature, on the other he manages beautifully to unite them in his work. The choice of material reveals and emphasizes these contradictions – by using red glue he signs his creations unmistakably.

All images © Mario Dilitz | Via: artnau

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