Aurore De La Morinerie’s Calligraphic Figures

Aurore de La Morinerie is a Paris-based artist and fashion illustrator, whose figurative line drawings are inspired by calligraphy and Chinese painting.

In the illustration series ‘Line’, Morinerie draws isolated figures with a simplicity that resonates with their title. The ink on paper works hints at their subject’s shape, evoking the fleeting moment in which the artist has captured what she sees. Some images depict the flash of a model walking by at Yves Saint Laurent and Chloé fashion shows, and when the lines created by Morinerie are traced, the rapid confidence of her brush strokes becomes apparent. This swift execution is ingrained in her practice after having studied calligraphy and Chinese paint, and Morinerie dismisses a sense of narrative whilst focusing on a pure expression of form. ‘Line’ captures a poetic essence of her subjects, and channels a delicate but iconic sense of their being.


All images © Aurore de La Morinerie