cinematic photography by Niemi


Combinig self portraiture with a cinematic staged narrative, Norwegian artist Anja Niemi’s latest work ‘Starlets’ results in images which join reality and imagination. Anja Niemi, represented by The Little Black Gallery London, asks the viewer to consider the division between what we show and who we really are.

‘I have a fascination with all the things that crawl underneath our surfaces. We have tendency to hide all the ugliness of life and I wanted to create characters with a few cracks in their facades.’ Protected by her own characters she shares personal experiences, but prefers for it to be unclear what is her playing out a narrative and what is a more intimate moment. ‘I remember being a kid dressing up in my grandmothers cocktail dresses, how amazing it made me feel. I still get the same rush today, there is something incredibly freeing about transforming yourself into something else. It’s as if you are no longer responsible for your own actions.’ Niemi refers to her self as a ‘One-man band’, as she always photographs alone. ‘I love every aspect of creating an image and would not want to give any of it away.’

All images © Anja Niemi

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