Private vacation retreat


The M-viroments, designed by Michael Jantzen, are made of a wide modular homes with a variety of manipulatable components. They can be connected in many different ways since the frames can be assembled and disassembled in distinct ways to accommodate a wide range of changing needs.

Basically the M-viroment system consists of a series of rectangualr panels, which can be attached via hinges to an open frame grid of several interlocking cubes. Some panels have an insulation and contain windows or doors. These panels allow to completely enclose spaces that are heated and cooled. Other panels fold in or out, over and around open platforms to shade the sun, deflect the rain, or block the wind. Again others unfold from the face of the cubes to become places to sit, places to sleep, places to work, or to eat. ‘The M-viroment series was designed to function as a single private vacation retreat, or in multiple numbers and configurations, as a complete stand-alone, high-tech resort complex. The house can be designed to be self sufficient, powered by alternative energy sources such as the sun and the wind. With different sizes, shapes, materials, and panel types, it can be used for exhibit structures, pavilions, play environments for kids, retail spaces, office modules, and many other commercial applications.’

All images © Michael Jantzen

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