Chocolates That Blend Architectural Shapes With Nature-Inspired Flavors

Melbourne and Hong Kong-based designer Ryan L Foote has created an innovative range of chocolates using 3D printing techniques. His eponymous first collection draws inspiration from both the natural and man-made world—with chocolates printed to look like architectural spaces and rock formations.

Foote has a bachelor of fine arts in sculpture and spatial practice, and at some point merged his degree with a career in set design, events and ceramics. This combination led to creating food art experiences, and helped Foote shape his artistic vision for this culinary endeavor. The chocolates conceptualize new forms, textures, flavors, and cultural influences. The edible art pieces are unique in two ways: firstly, they are shaped to mimic the geometric forms of the buildings and architecture in the two cities Foote calls home—Melbourne and Hong Kong. Secondly, rather than the familiar milk or cacao flavors we associate with chocolate, Foote’s ranges encompass daring flavors and botanicals that are native to each city, but not normally found in chocolates. For the Hong Kong collection, this includes egg tart, Hong Kong French toast and preserved three-year-old mandarin rind; and for the Australian collection one can expect eucalyptus and mint dark chocolate, Kakadu plum with rose vinegar, and even ‘Avocado smash’. The chocolates can be complemented by Foote’s 3D printed ceramic cup, which was created in white porcelain. The multiple collections are available for preorder here.


All images © Ryan L Foote