House in Nagahama


Located in Nagahama city, Japan, this house was designed by the Comma Design Office . Aiming at creating a space that provided a certain ‘buffer zone’ between the peaceful landscape on the northeast, where rice fields and open space spread all the way to the foot of mount Ibuki and the busy street on the north.

The architects Atshuhiro Koda and Momo Sano planned and built a place that holds various relationships within the variety of environment. A central semi-closed courtyard and an elevated second floor create an open and still sheltered living experience. The first floor opens to the neighbourhood, while the second floor opens to the distant view. The facade picks up the shades of light depending on the weather with its gold stained aluminium covering fiber cement boards. Minimalistic and without being intrusive, the House in Nagahama beholds a certain majesty and dignity.

All images © Takumi Ota | Via: dezeen

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