Deserted, silent and draped in mist the cities and landscapes in Alex Fradkin shots seem like enchanted, long forgotten worlds in between. Illusive and yet tangible – the concept of place is a fundamental subject of many photographic works by Alex Fradkin, woven like a golden thread through his work and linkes most of his photographic projects together.

‘Places’, geographies and environments ranging from the sublime to the melancholic, are reminders of the temporality of all things and ways of being. They are reminders of theperishability of all things. Alex’s works investigates time, memory, history and perception as it relates to a landscapes implied narrative, sometimes in opposition to its historic past. It is this in-between realm, between fiction and fact, where anything is suddenly possible, that Alex is looking to inhabit. He moves in a realm that lies between fiction and truth, and suddenly everything seems possible.

All images © Alex Fradkin

AlexFradkin01AlexFradkin02AlexFradkin03The Left Coast: California on the EdgeAlexFradkin05AlexFradkin06AlexFradkin07AlexFradkin08AlexFradkin09AlexFradkin11
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