Flickr Friday


Gap – A stale taste in my mouth despite scrubbing teeth. You in my stomach and still a void. I feel sick. I feel so sick. And I’m breathing in the smell of menthol and breathing out the stale taste of craving. Oh, beat the longing to death. Oh, beat the longing to death.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Gary Koutsoubis

Image © Fleur Lux

Image © Sophie Davidson

Image © Sergey Neamoscou

Image © Robert Moses Joyce

Image © Rowena Waack

Image © Olivia Neutron

Image © Rebecca Williams

Image © Martin Rettenbacher

gakout1Fleur Luxsophie davidsonneamoscouRobert Moses JoyceRowena WaackOlivia NeutronRebecca Williams.Martin Rettenbacher
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