Flickr Friday


Foolish Night – You can scream and punch (is what you said) or you can turn yourself upside down (is what you thought). But you know what? When I turned myself upside down, some images tumbled into my brain, I heard branches breaking, the birds crackled from high above and from somewhere a strangely sappy song sobbed, the tunes wheeled around the air

, stuffy and thick you turn away to avoid the sun in your eyes, you’re a lunatic or a poet my longing had worn itself out in this foolish night.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Thomas

Image © maus.

Image © Pfister Sonne

Image © Sophie Fontaine

Image © Laura Benz

Image © Elena Vaninetti

Image © Dasha

Image © Dasha

Image © Eva Maria Großmann

sillyounguymaus.Pfister SonneSoWiL(d)Laura Benz.elena vaninettiozondafrau_lampeeva maria großmann
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