Roberto Gramostini’s Unknowns


Italian advertising graphic designer and photographer Roberto Gramostini tries to capture all the natural aspects of diverse situations that are catching his attention. Choosing photography as his medium, the artist avoids editing afterwards for the purpose of not creating false stereotypes. Starting in 2010, his series “Unknowns” underline the uniqueness of an unknown person, separated from the aesthetic influence that a face’s identity might generate. His intention is to incorporate the spectator in his art, allowing the beholder to give a personal feeling to his pictures. All images included in the “Unknown” project are exclusively portraits of people who came across while he was wandering around. Roberto Gramostini doesn’t know their faces and personalities, so he is not able to judge in any way. The result can be seen as “dirtier” but much more pure and true, promoting the uniqueness of an unknown person.

All images © Roberto Gramostini

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